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Knowing When To Outsource Your Customer Service Department


By Gabriel Bristol, President/CEO of Desert Call Connection

New entrepreneurs very often have to wear many hats, they may be the person unlocking the office and making coffee in the morning, holding important sales and marketing meetings in the afternoon, and then sweeping the floors in the evening. For many entrepreneurs they become so accustomed to being all things to all people that they find it difficult to know when to let go. It may be easier for the entrepreneur to eventually relinquish brewing the morning coffee to a new receptionist but much harder to know when they should turn over the reins of their company’s lifeblood — their customers.

To help determine when it’s the right time to partner with a professional outsource provider, the entrepreneur should sit down and ask himself/herself some very fundamental questions.

1. Are you expertly managing the customer service function and are you confident it is not at the expense of other important functions such as accounting/finance, manufacturing, or sales and marketing?

2. Are you truly confident that you are doing a better job of managing this portion of your business than a professional and experienced firm with state of the art technology, dedicated call center professionals and additional infrastructure?

3. Are you still able to see the forest from the trees? Or put another way are you able to not get bogged down with day to day activities and discern a pattern amongst your mass of customer data and see the big picture in order to develop new strategies that ensure your continued growth?

If you answered no to any of these questions it is most likely time to start exploring a relationship with an outsource provider.

A professional and experienced company who understands your values and goals can free you up to focus on and strengthen other important areas of your business while helping you craft additional customer service strategies such as satisfaction benchmarking, gathering important customer feedback, and creating upsell cross sell opportunities.


President and CEO of Desert Call Connection Gabriel Bristol is widely recognized as one of today’s most talented call center CEOs because of his track record of developing turnkey solutions, effective customer care and sales programs for small and medium-sized businesses across various industries. He combines more than 20 years of successful executive management experience with impactful leadership and igniting stagnant businesses and transforming declining operations.



  1. This is an excellent guide. Go ahead and ask yourself and your team if outsourcing
    the department is truly for you. If it is, then by all means, go for it. It
    might just be the best thing and the key to success.

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