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Career Resolutions for 2014 – Commit to Improving Your Brand


by Thomas Moran, CEO of Addison Group

The New Year is almost here, and instead of a common resolution like focusing on fitness or getting organized, resolve to improve your personal brand and career path. There are ways to become a stronger and more sought-after employee.

For millennials and established employees alike, the New Year brings an opportunity to reevaluate what your long-term career goals are and how to accomplish them. Dedicate 2014 resolution season to branding yourself and improving your career path.

Here are some tips for career resolution:

Commit to Networking.

Just because you have a current job that you are satisfied with doesn’t mean you cannot continue networking. It’s a great way to meet people who you could potentially work with down the line or collaborate with for a current project. You never know who you’ll bump into at industry events.

Continue Learning.

There are plenty of training programs and professional classes that are available to help career driven individuals expand their knowledge. Take a class that will help add a skill to your resume or a management class that can boost your education section.

Be Open to New Opportunities.

If a recruiter or friend reaches out about a potential opportunity, don’t immediately brush it off. Do some research on the company or project and remember that just because it’s easier and more comfortable to stay at your current position, it isn’t always safer.

Identify a Mentor.

Having at least one contact with the professional success you admire is a valuable connection. You’ll have a go-to person with industry insight and an outline of the path to career success. Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow their path exactly, but it’ll help with paving a tentative plan.

Set Goals.

If you’re interested in moving up in your current workplace, set a list of goals that will help you achieve your next promotion or raise. Conversely, if you’re looking to obtain a new job or switch careers entirely, outline concrete steps that can facilitate the move and commit to completing one step every month.


Thomas Moran is the CEO of Chicago-based staffing firm Addison Group. Addison combines a national network and localized service for broad reach with a personal touch. Specialized practices deliver the right candidate at the right time in Administration, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Information Technology.