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‘Responsible’: The Most Overused Word On LinkedIn Member Profiles In 2013


Think that the word ‘responsible’ is the most accurate description of your professional career? Well it so happens that almost everyone else does as well. According to online professional social network LinkedIn, that word is the No. 1 most overused buzzword in its members’ profiles for 2013 across the world.

This is the fourth year that LinkedIn has released its annual list of overused buzzwords, The top buzzword last year and in 2011 was ‘Creative’, while it was ‘Extensive Experience’ in 2010.

For Singapore, this year’s list of profile buzzwords is largely similar to the global list, with two exceptions:  ‘Organizational’ and ‘patient’, which feature in the fifth and seventh spots on the global list, came in lower on the Singapore list, at thirteenth and seventeenth place respectively.

“Building a professional brand is critical to success in the workplace,” says Feon Ang, Director of Talent Solutions for LinkedIn SEA, Japan and Korea. “Competition for the same opportunities can be tough, and you want to avoid sounding like everyone else. One way to show how you’re different is by not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. Support your description of career achievements with photos, videos and presentations on your profile that demonstrate your best work.”

Here’s an infographic from LinkedIn showing the summary of the results of the study:


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