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Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker Keeps Your Sites From Penalization


If you’re a webmaster, one of your perennial fears is of Google strangling the traffic to the websites you manage due to some unknown, inexplicable infraction because of changes and updates to their search algorithms. But help may be at hand – internet marketing services provider Fruition has launched the Google Penalty Checker, a tool that lists all Google updates and indicates whether or not a particular update (such as Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, etc) might affect your sites and the probability of that happening.

The tool also explains what each update does, and how you can improve your site to avoid getting a penalty. Although the exact formula used by Google Penalty Checker is proprietary, Fruition says it utilizes a statistical analysis program to quickly isolate which updates have the most statistically significant impact on websites.

It also utilizes third party information – but not data – from reputable sources such as SearchEngineLand.com and Barry Schwatz’s excellent blog posts on Google updates, as well as online chatter on Twitter and various private SEO message boards to improve forecasting. However, Google Penalty Checker does not utilize Google search rankings as Google’s terms of service disallow that, but integration with a site’s Google Analytics data allows for better to diagnostics and and risk evaluation.



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