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[Infographic] The 5 Sense Guide To Inspiring Workplace Creativity


Brainstorming rooms, interactive co-working spaces – these are just some of the things that companies have introduced into the work space to help boost the creativity of their employees. But did you know that implementing simple changes that help to stimulate the five senses can actually lead to improving workplace creativity?

While many offices tend to have whitewashed walls, did you know that people who work in white offices complain more about nausea and headaches than those who work from a blue or even a red environment? In fact, offices painted in a more serene color closely associated with nature, such as blue or green, encourages creativity. And while high noise levels interfere greatly with information processing (i.e. thinking), some ambient noise or music is beneficial. Just watch the genre of music that you’re listening to though – contrary to what you might believe, easy listening or chart pop is bad for creativity – sorry, radio –  while jazz, classical and even punk and rock boosts those brain juices.

For tips on how to stimulate these and other senses in a workplace, check out the following infographic from CIPHR.com:

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