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Profitable Small Business Ideas For Would-Be Entrepreneurs


By Brandon Peters

We are in a time of economic depression. Every rational individual who knows the value of money has definitely felt the undulating financial turbulence. This challenging reality requires us to make use of fresh ideas, accessible stocks and business acuity to be able to survive. For people who has no background on business and entrepreneurship, this could be too much to digest. But what else could augment our petty reserve than investing it to something more profitable?

Entrepreneurship is an ability. And if we talked about ability, it is learned, honed and mastered through time. Starting a small business is not easy. It requires knowledge of the basic principles of business, determination to deliver quality outputs, and commitment to our financial goals. It would not be seamless at our first try but once we achieve a better grasp of its complexities, we will find it more like a recreation than a tedious endeavor.

In this age of technology, we have a glut of options which line of business to invest our money in. Each of these lines has specific markets to consider and rules to follow. But in order to succeed on this venture, you have to choose the right small business to start with. Here are my few suggestions you might like to think about:

Gadgets Store.

Why not take advantage of people’s perennial fad for technology and hi-tech gadgets? Opening a successful gadgets store and bringing in today’s latest inventions for both enthusiasts and general users is just a brilliant idea for a beginner. From laptops to netbooks, iPads to iPhones, phones to accessories, this line of business will never lose clients. Everyday, people want to upgrade their gadgets and they are searching for something new. A showcase of high quality keyboards, the different Apple iPad cases, keyboard cases, bags, protectors, and other accessories will make them even happier. Soon, you will have patrons and you will transform your little shop into a one-stop shopping center. If you would like to save on leasing, manpower, security, and maintenance, you may consider an online store which is very common today. You only need to spend on putting up your website and then you are ready to do business, not just locally but maybe worldwide.

Computer Repair Services.

Almost every family, if not everyone, has a desktop or a laptop. But for sure, not all of them know how to fix computer problems. A three-technician enterprise to cover clients from around the city will be a good start. Transforming an empty room in your house into something conducive for doing technical jobs is also a good way to save on leasing and maintenance. Try to establish a reputation and save, and when you are ready to expand and extend your services to a broader market, then that’s great! You may also consider home service at reasonable charges.

Food Truck.

It is an indisputable fact that people eat and children crave for food. And there are a lot of busy  people who would rather eat on fast food carts than wait for more than 30 minutes in known fast food chains. Starting a mobile food business is not only very profitable, but also rewarding. And offering a wide array of fast food menu is challenging. Starting up with one food truck is quite an investment. It also does not require many staff, so you don’t have to hire many people. Plan regular routes, build a name and reputation, make patrons, and keep them. After you have saved enough, you may consider a new unit, new routes and more patrons for a more lucrative and booming food business.


Everywhere in the world, stress is one of the most common problems faced by working professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and ordinary individuals. What they need after a day of grueling work and stressful activities is to get pampered in a spa. Make it a relaxing haven that offers relaxing massage, rejuvenating skin care, body treatment, and other special stress-relieving treats at affordable prices and packages. This may require a considerable amount as investment but a good and profitable plan to startup.

Yoga Studio.

Aside from going to the gym, there are many people, especially professionals who consider yoga as the best way to relax their body, mind and spirit. Yoga masters also need a favorable place for their classes, so owning a studio could mean money. If it wouldn’t work as a yoga studio, it can be utilized for other business purposes and functions. There are so many options when you have a space for rent, too. If you would lease it for a good price, clients and prospects will be dying to get it.

A successful business is not only about financial investment. The most important things you need to keep in mind when you make a decision to start a small business are hard work,  devotion, and focus on your financial goals. If you would want to succeed at your first try, think about your clients, use your knowledge and imagination, be innovative, and ask for professional advice on how you can start building a name in the world of entrepreneurship.
Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, a writer, and an avid observer of both the oil industry and alternative energy. As an entrepreneur, he’s tried his hand at everything from construction to car repair, from food carts to a hobby shop. After exploring the myriad possibilities of the Internet, he’s now working on the Next Big Thing.