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Find Great Coffee Places With Coffeetopia


If you’re a huge fan of the humble coffee bean, you must have wondered why nobody out there has come up with a great mobile application that allows you to find the best java joints in town. Sure, there are many applications focused around coffee, or services such as location-based social network site Foursquare and review sites like Yelp, but none that lets you review, rate, and share about your favorite coffee places.

Until now. Coffeetopia is a mobile app for iOS that lets users rate the quality of coffee in cafes and coffee houses, creating a niche social network for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. You can find places that serve the best coffees by looking at the map or searching by city or country. Each specific entry lets you see its average rating and comments left behind by other coffee lovers. An interesting feature in Coffeetopia is the ability to set up a meeting with friends (assuming they also use the app) by inviting them for a coffee at a place that you’ve rated.

Coffee businesses can also list themselves on the app (an in-app purchase at $1.99) – adding a description of the establishment, a photo, the brands of coffee served, or services like wi-fi and food items. Coffeetopia‘s database is still scanty at the moment – a users have complained that the nearest listed coffee venue was many miles away – but it is after all newly-launched, and could prove to be the to-go app for coffee lovers in due course.


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