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“Faces Of Innovation” To Showcase Technological Innovators


The Internet revolution first began when four leading U.S. universities activated a project known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), creating the first successful network of computers back in October 1969. Since then, thanks to the availability of high speed Internet, has brought about revolutions – of all kinds – to the world. Many of those revolutions are brought about by innovators and entrepreneurs of every stripe who has leveraged on the power of the Web, and gone on to make positive change in the world. But who are these people?

Enter “Faces of Innovation“, a website by Broadband for America (BfA) to highlight and credit those innovators and entrepreneurs amongst us who are today powering our explosive Internet economy. The site aims to profile a diverse range of visionaries from across the United States – from cutting edge developers and app creators, to artists, farmers, educators and more – who will share their stories about how they are revolutionizing the industries they work in through the availability and use of high-speed broadband Internet.

“The proliferation of easily accessible, high-speed connections has enabled what will be seen as a golden era of entrepreneurship and innovation in America,” says Broadband for America Co-Chair, former Senator John Sununu.

The project will identify, publicize, and promote the work of the people and companies that are transforming modern day life and business thanks to broadband Internet. Examples are Leah Busque, the founder of San Mateo, CA-based Task Rabbit, a company that helps people complete tasks like grocery shopping; Sara Sutton Fell, the founder of Boulder, CO-based FlexJobs, which specializes in finding its users jobs with flexible working arrangements; as well as Neal Sales-Griffin, the founder of Chicago, IL-based The Starter League, a school that teaches beginners how to code and design web apps in three months.

“Today, people across the country are transforming and disrupting outdated business models with new applications, websites, and online services. Faces of Innovation will recognize these visionary leaders that are powering the Internet economy,” says Broadband for America Co-Chair, former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. “Even during challenging economic times, entrepreneurship and innovation – enabled by the proliferation of broadband – led to the creation of millions of jobs that helped many families weather the difficult economy.”

The site will also introduce a video series featuring companies from across America whose unique stories demonstrate how broadband can unleash America’s technological ingenuity and entrepreneurship.