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[Infographic] Inside The Mind Of A Startup Entrepreneur


What makes an entrepreneur tick?

Perhaps the better question is – what kind of leader makes the best entrepreneur? After all, startups are fast paced, small, and ever-morphing, which means it takes certain type of person to help make things succeed.

Here’s a look at what a founder should be able to do:

  1. Development
    • Write Code
    • Build a server
    • Design a splash page
    • Assemble an email blast
    • Scale
  2. Analytics
    • Develop and track a funnel
    • Make decisions off cohort tracking
    • Become a Google analytics expert
  3. Marketing
    • Write a blog post
    • Deliver a keynote
    • Build Links
    • Conduct customer interviews
    • Network
    • Segment a market
  4. Legal
    • Understand a term sheet
    • Recruit and Train
    • Train an intern
    • Hire A Players
    • Replace B Players
  5. Sales
    • Cold call C level executives
  6. Writing
    • Write a novel
  7. Raise Money
    • Bootstrap
    • Build an advisory board
    • Tell an investor they’ve lost all their money
    • Command a board room
  8. Financial
    • Analyze a balance sheet
    • Make a budget
    • Ignore a budget
    • Balance the books
  9. Personal
    • Stay up 36 hours straight
    • Lead
    • Follow
    • Find a mentor
    • Stay creative
    • Act alone

Scared yet? Well, here’s an infographic that outlines the necessary skill sets and mindsets needed by a startup entrepreneur to bring an idea from conception to fruition:

Startup Entrpreneurs

[Infographic credit: Source: TopManagementDegrees.com]


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