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[Infographic] How Mobile Apps Have Changed The World


There’s an app for that.

That rejoinder is often used half-jokingly by many to describe how prevalent mobile applications are now, but the truth is that they have taken over as the main reason why people today buy mobile phones.

Among the popular mobile app stores, Apple’s App Store grabs the top most position with total available apps of around 850,000 and 50 billion total downloads. Next up is Google Play with 800,000+ apps, followed by Microsoft Windows Phone Store with 145,000+ apps, BlackBerry App World with 120,000 total apps, Nokia Store with 116,000+ apps, Amazon appstore with 75,000 apps and Samsung Apps with 13,000 apps.

Direct revenue from the sales of apps in the year 2011 was around $7.3 billion which is expected to reach the figure of $36.7 billion by the year 2015.

Here’s an infographic from TopApps that shows how mobile apps have quickly and surely changed the world:

How Mobile Apps Have Changed the World

[Infographic courtesy of Top Apps]