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[Singapore][Infographic] Online Passwords – A Digital Achilles Heel

Last week we showed from a recent study by computer security software company McAfee that the average Singaporean owns digital assets valued at around $57,500. That’s certainly a lot of money, but the troubling thing is that while their digitally asset-rich, attitudes towards online security can be lax to the point of naive – only 41% of us are truly concerned about lost or stolen devices, and 48% store on devices digital assets that are impossible to recreate, re-download or repurchase.

Our attitudes towards the use of online passwords can be a lot worse. Over 60% of us regularly visit sites that requires user logins and passwords, but a full 40% of us either write them down on a piece of paper or in our notebooks, or store them on our devices, making it easy for identity theft.

Here’s an infographic from McAfee that shows us the risks of having our online passwords compromised:


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