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[Singapore][Infographic] Value Of An Average Singaporean’s Digital Content? $57,500.


How much do Singaporeans price their digital assets? According to a recent Global Digital Assets survey conducted by computer security software company McAfee, that value stands at $57,500 – almost the cost of acquiring a private university education in Singapore.

The amount estimates the total financial value across the various digital items – photos, videos and documents – that the average Singaporean owns, according to the survey which compiled responses from over 6,000 global respondents of which 350 were from Singapore. This figure does not take into account the financial value of the digital devices themselves, with over 95% of Singaporeans owning multiple devices and nearly a quarter (24%) of Singaporean households now owning more than five digital devices.

If the value seem high, it’s likely because personal digital assets include many irreplaceable items that are impossible to recreate, re-download or repurchase, which make up about half (47%) of our overall digital assets. Personal memories have the estimated financial value at S$18,297, while digital items containing personal records are valued slightly less at S$14,768. Despite this high figures, not enough Singaporeans seemed concerned over losing such assets with only four in every ten Singaporeans (41%) admit to being hugely concerned.

McAfee revealed the results of the survey in an event where they unveiled their latest product McAfee LiveSafe, a software suite that provides complete, unlimited device security for multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets against viruses, malware, and spam along with other forms of protection. McAfee LiveSafe will come pre-installed on Ultrabook™ devices and PCs from Dell in Singapore starting on June 9, 2013.

“It’s apparent that the consumer technology landscape is changing rapidly as smartphones, tablets, netbooks and Macs increase in popularity. With the number of digital devices we now use and own growing, consumers want to protect their personal digital assets, especially when you consider the considerable amount of money and time spent building up, not to mention the emotional value. Therefore consumers need an easier way to protect all their devices from online threats and from simply being destroyed,” says Steve Perchard, Vice President Consumer, McAfee Asia Pacific.

Other interesting statistics from the Digital Assets Survey:

  • Over 95% of Singaporeans own multiple digital devices
  • 82% of Singaporeans own at least one laptop
  • 90% of Singaporeans own a smartphone
  • Men place 13.8% more on entertainment files than women do, but both place the same value on personal memories
  • 40% of us write passwords down on paper or in a notebook, or store them on our computer, phone, or tablet.
  • 29% of seniors write down their passwords on paper or in a notebook
  • Over 80% of consumers have had to reset an online password at least once within the last six months

Here’s an infographic from McAfee outlining the Singapore findings of their Global Digital Assets survey:


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