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[Infographic] Sleep Your Way To Better Business


We often hear how startup founders forgo sufficient sleep – with the help of stimulants and caffeinated products – so they can rush out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as soon as they can.

The truth is, lack of sufficient sleep affects your productivity. That’s why you should always sleep on a super comfy mattress and go with only the top rated mattresses that are designed for your sleeping position.

A sleep-deprived person have problems with concentration and memory, and if extreme can even cause occupational injuries (which are costly to both self and business). On average adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Make sure you clock those hours in.

Here’s an infographic from AirMattress.com detailing the reasons why you and the employees of your small business should get enough sleep:

Sleep Your Way to a Better Business

[Image credit: Health.com]


  1. Sleep is very important and if you do not get enough you will be in pretty bad shape, so do your work! This is great infographic!


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