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[Infographic] Explosion On Global Trade


International trade is exploding, but is your business prepared to tap on that opportunity?

We’ve already seen how cross border trade has grown by leaps and bounds – especially in the Southeast Asian region -and also noted how consumers are increasingly buying goods online to help save time. But the trouble is that most businesses are simply not geared to leverage on this growth potential. The biggest bugbear? Localization.

In fact, there’s a vast difference between translating your website for foreign markets with true localization. Simple translation will not make sense to native speakers, and cultural factors can be as important (if not more) as grammatical ones.

Here’s an infographic from Capita Translations And Interpreting showing how the world is reading – and spending – online:


  1. Coming from Sweden, it is interesting to see that a small language like Swedish ins included in the infographic. Could it be to developed internet infrastructure in Sweden?

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