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Five Simple Solutions For Small Business Security


by Claire Taylor

If you own and operate a small business, you’ll find dozens of cyber security tips. Search the Internet for “small business security” and pages upon pages of websites will be returned to you, telling you how to protect your computer systems. But what if you want to protect your physical property? In the technological age, these tips aren’t as easy to find.

Here are five simple solutions for small business security that you can implement almost immediately:

1. Point of Sale Position.

According to national crime statistics, approximately $300 billion is lost to business crime every year. Compare this to the approximately $20 billion lost to street crime and you can easily see why it’s so important to protect your business. One of the easiest things that you can do is position your point of sale properly. Don’t put your point of sale – such as your POS printer – in front of a window where it is easily seen by all passers-by. In the same vein, you don’t want it so far back in your store that a robbery would never be noticed. Look for a position that will allow your employees to seek help should they need it, yet not show the world how much cash you have in the till.

2. Mirrors.

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Even if you operate out of one room, there will be areas of the floor that are not readily visible. Take a good look around your space and decide where these blind spots are. Convex, concave and dome mirrors can make invisible corners and other areas easier to view. You may want to consider hiring a security professional to conduct a walk-through of your business to tell you where mirrors would be best placed. Check out www.mirrorpros.com for other security ideas.

3. Panic Buttons.

You’ll undoubtedly install a security alarm in your business to secure your property and assets. Make sure that your security package includes panic buttons that will silently alert your security monitoring company to an emergency. Panic buttons should be located at your point of sale, in every office and near the safe. You should consider installing a panic button in any room that your employees may flee to in an emergency, such as a closet, a storage room or even a bathroom.

4. Cell Phones.

With the boom in popularity of smartphones, many employers now require that their workers keep their cell phones in lockers or lunchrooms. While you don’t need to let your employees carry their phones with them, you should have a cell phone available in several locations throughout your business. These phones will allow your employees to call for help in an emergency should your phone lines be tampered with. Prepaid cell phones are excellent for this type of emergency purpose.

5. Cameras.

Security cameraConsider installing security cameras throughout your business – companies like Livewatch Security are a great option. If you choose this option, be sure that you have a monitor set up in an office that is occupied while your business is in operation. This will ensure that at least one person can see the comings and goings of employees and customers, and will be alerted quickly in the case of a robbery attempt or other criminal activity.

Protecting your small business is a matter of personal choice but, if you don’t want to lose everything that you’ve worked hard to build, it’s the only choice that makes sense.

Follow the tips above to be sure that your business is as protected as it should be. If you need further assistance, consider hiring a professional to perform a security audit of your property.


Claire Taylor is a retired retail manager with expertise on store security.