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CardShark Convert Business Cards Into Contacts Using Life Transcribers


If you attend as many events as I do you’re probably swamped by heaps of business cards (especially if you have an Asian festish for them), yet don’t have enough time to properly process them into actual usable information.

And while there’re a number of technological innovations in this space – such as QR code-equipped cards or devices that directly scans business cards – it’s still difficult to get the information accurately into your contact lists.

Maybe a human touch is required. If so, that’s why CardShark Business Card Reader by Denver, Colorado-based FullContact uses real-life people to help you transcribe those cards. Just snap a photo using the iOS app of each side of a business card, and just wait as a team of people transcribe that information with accuracy into contact information.

It’s somewhat retrospective considering the gamut of technology we have at our disposal, but hey as long as it’s reliably accurate there will be a market for this. CardShark is also somewhat pricey at an unlimited plan for $9.99 per month, or an annual unlimited plan at $99 per year (available at the iTunes Store), but someone has to pay for the services of all those nice, real people. You can try CardShark for free with 25 scans.

FullContact was founded by Bart Lorang, Dan Lynn, and Travis Todd in 2011. The startup was a TechStars Boulder 2011 company, and is funded by Foundry Group, Tango Group and investors like Brad Feld, David Cohen, Dave McClure, Howard Lindzon and Eric Norlin. You can read FullContact’s startup – and funding – journey here.




  1. i’ve been looking around recently for something free to match what cardmunch does for ios (which is probably the best out there). I found cardsquash mentioned on some posts, which seems OK if you want something simple without alot of bells and whistles. any other free transcription options for android?


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