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ZLango Becomes Lango, Revisualizes Mobile Messaging


The proliferation of mobile messaging applications has pretty much taken the world by storm. There’s been all kinds of innovation in the space such as group chatting functions, cross platform messaging, and video chatting amongst others, threatening the traditional short message service (SMS) offered by telecommunications providers (and their revenues).

But there’s still innovation to be had in this space, as mobile application Lango (www.lango.me) intends. Previously known as Zlango, the service looks to take mobile messaging to the next level by empowering users to text with daily content based on the latest and greatest news, celebrities gossip, entertainment, and social trends. Available for both iOS and Android devices, users can easily enhance words and phrases with images – depicting emotion, humor and self-expression – in both texting and social media updates.

Lango uses a proprietary ‘Essence Engine’ that continuously suggests customized images to users to help personalize each message, so they don’t have to dig through tons of images for a suitable one to go with a post. A user, for example, can send a ‘Spark’ or “banner-like” images for peer-to-peer texting, or a ‘Flair’, essentially word-over-picture, meme-like images that are easy to share on Facebook, and Twitter.

“Standard texting is old-school and boring,” affirms Dr. Udi Graff, Lango‘s chairman & CEO. “Even the ability to send free messages is standard these days, but Lango elevates it to the next level. Lango is a unique platform for its users’ self-expression.”

Lango offers in-app purchases of special packs of additional premium images for those who want to take personalization and customization of their messages to a different level.