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[Infographic] Going Green For Small Business, Without Breaking The Bank

Many small business owners think that only large corporations with big budgets can afford to go green. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

You don’t need deep pockets to in order to implement eco-friendly solutions at your workplaces. There are many ways a small business can help contribute to the health of the planet, and at the same time, save some money too!

From replacing incandescent light bulbs to florescent ones, to turning off the lights in the meeting rooms and setting your computer to sleep mode when not in use, these are simple ways a small company can make a difference.

The following infographic shows you more ways. We particularly like the one which suggests using all-in-one printers – fax, scan and print – in order to save on servicing different machines!

small business going green infographic
[Via: BOLT Insurance]


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