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Documents.Me – Your Important Business Documents On Your Mobile Device


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got various important business documents scattered in different locations. I use DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud, and I have many critical documents scattered in those cloud services that are so buried within I lose track of them.

But here’s a service that may help: Documents.Me (www.documents.me) is a mobile app that aggregates all those important business documents from private, public and email clouds. Through this native iOS solution, users can securely access – either online or offline – business documents located across their computer, public document clouds (i.e. Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox) and even email attachments. So you can not only search, access and read documents on-the-go, Documents.Me allows you to take various actions with your files including simple editing, saving locally to device, sharing and copying documents to different cloud services.  You can also create custom folders to better organize your documents, across various clouds no less.

Documents.Me has been in beta testing since late 2012 after being introduced at DEMO. “Up until now, there have been many point solutions for accessing files: one to remotely access PC and Mac documents, one to access Email attachments and one to access each of the public cloud drives. This can make searching for relevant documents on-the-go difficult and time consuming,” says R. Paul Singh, founder of Documents.Me.

“Documents.Me solves that problem with a one-stop comprehensive platform that allows for easy, secure and smart access to your relevant business files no matter where they are located.”