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Startups.Co Launches Entrepreneur Fundraising Resource, Funding 101


New startup entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital may well take a look at Funding 101, a free educational resource on fundraising launched by business investor network Startups.Co.

Developed by veteran entrepreneur Wil Schroter (who’ve launched nine Internet companies to date and currently the CEO and co-founder of Fundable.com), Funding 101 serves as a tool to help startups navigate the challenges of startup funding- from initial business development and strategy, to preparing business documents and pitching angel investors and venture capital firms. Whether a startup is in need of seed funding from angel investors, series A venture capital, or private investors, Startups.Co‘s Funding 101 provides a usefultool kit of educational resources – categorized into three Prep, Match and Pitch components – as well as live funding consultants ready to discuss the best path to funding.

“The truth is that fundraising is hard,” says Schroter. “Most people try and fail, no matter how great their preparation, their perseverance, or their idea. That’s because there are far more people looking for capital than there are people writing checks, and therefore an entrepreneur needs to do everything possible to ensure they can successfully fund-raise.”

Funding 101 is our effort to give every entrepreneur resources to educate themselves on the funding process and the options that are available.”

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