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[Infographic] Music Wars – Can Google Music Beat iTunes?

iTunes has long been the leaders of the online music market – Apple’s music store has a commanding market share of 64-percent, while its closest rival Amazon MP3 comes in only 16-percent.

But there’s a new challenger in town – last year, Google introduced Google Music, as part of Google Play, its own digital application distribution platform developed for Android. Aside from the ability to browse and download magazines, books, movies, television programs, and Android applications, users can also access, purchase and play music content. Since its launch in November 2011, Google Music has already captured 5-percent of the online music market.

Can the newer Google Music knock iTunes off its pedestal in time? Assuming the rate of adoption of Android phones versus the iPhone, it’s definitely possible.

This infographic explores the online music market:

Can Google Play Beat iTunes and Amazon?
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