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[Singapore] RIM Opens First BlackBerry Expert Center


Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) today opened its first BlackBerry Expert Center in Singapore exclusively dedicated to providing after-sales support for Blackberry customers. In an ceremony announcing the official launch of the physical outlet at The Cathay, Country director for RIM in Singapore Charles Dufourcq reiterated the company’s commitment to customers in the country, and sees the center as a way RIM invests in its customers.

“RIM is committed to making BlackBerry as relevant as possible to all our customers here in Singapore,” says Dufourcq. “It makes complete sense for us to ensure that all BlackBerry users have access to excellent after-sales support. The BlackBerry brand is hugely important as we believe it represents not only our products but also our customers and our commitment to them.”

The new BlackBerry Expert Center will offer the most comprehensive set of after-sales services (through authorized partner Primasiana), including fast service and onsite repairs where possible to enable customers to retain their existing handsets (and PIN) without the need for loan or replacement handsets. This move is likely to help divert customer support needs from the support centers of the local telecommunications service providers. “We are pleased that Research In Motion has launched its BlackBerry Expert Center, which expands the options that our consumers and business customers have when seeking after-sales support from experts on their BlackBerry devices,” says Ms Cindy Hung, Assistant Vice President of Consumer Premises Equipment, StarHub.

The outlet also offers a priority section dedicated to third-party Blackberry dealers, helping them access the services and expertise they need to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.


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