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It Takes Balls Of Steel To Cool Your Drinks. Really.


How does one cool down a glass of whiskey or other spirits quickly without the use of ice? The founders of OriginalBOS, Grant Vollmer and Matt Geddie, have more than an idea – they came up with a pair of them to do exactly that.

Their product, Balls Of Steel, is a set of two stainless steel balls that is cooled in the freezer and then dropped into your beverage, keeping it at an optimal temperature without affecting its taste. You can swirl the sterilized balls at the bottom of the glass, helping cool the drink down faster.

We’re not exactly certain how well these balls work, but if anything, they’d make a great conversation piece at the nearby singles bar. Just remember to remove them first before drinking.

OriginalBOS also has a mission, all in the spirit of having a pair, that supports the fight against testicular cancer. 15% of all the company’s net sales revenue goes directly towards testicular cancer research, and it also aims to build a community of men and their families struggling with testicular cancer.

You can say these founders of OriginalBOS have steel pairs, in more ways than one.