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CoatChex – Changing The Bailment Industry With QR Codes


Imagine this scenario – you check in your coat at a bar or restaurant, had a great time until you were about to leave. That’s when you find out your coat has gone missing, most likely stolen, and now you have to endure a freezing walk home.

Most of us would be totally upset by this experience. But for 23-year old Derek Pacqué, who went through that exact experience, instead had an “Eureka!” moment. Why couldn’t there be an easy way for bars, events and other venues to offer a reliable coat check service?

That’s essentially how Indianapolis-based startup, CoatChex, started. Its Digital CoatChex System is a mobile coat check-in system complete with racks that uses QR code technology – each coat is matched with a hanger using a QR code, collecting information such as phone numbers and names into its system. The process optimizes check-ins and retrievals, and cuts down on confusion or loss. No more paper tickets that are easily misplaced, either.

“Paper tickets create chaotic coat check environments – from lost tickets to long lines, venues just don’t want to deal with it,” said Derek Pacqué, founder and CEO of CoatChex. “We set out to change that. Because our system virtually eliminates liability, customers feel secure in checking their coats, and venue partners see increased revenues – usually in more than one area of their business.”

The hassle-free CoatChex system can easily be used for a variety of events and venues such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants, but looks set to impact the entire bailment industry, from dry cleaners to valet parking.


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