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NoiseStreet Brings Interactivity To OOH Advertising


The problem with most out-of-home (OOH) advertising – billboards, large digital screens, etc – is that marketers have absolutely no idea how to measure its effectiveness. How can advertisers truly be sure that passers-by actually look up at those ads, however large and dynamic they are?

Well, you can’t. But a Singapore-based startup, NoiseStreet, has introduced a smartphone-based solution that helps bridge that gap by bringing a level of interactivity, engagement to digital OOH advertising. The solution, also called NoiseStreet, allows consumers to play games and redeem rewards using a combination of smartphones and interactive screens while at stores and other retail locations. This way, brands can increase consumer engagement, get immediate feedback, deepen customer understanding and build upon their customer database.

Consumers access the games either by a scanning QR code or by logging in to a URL listed on the screen and entering their email or Facebook ID. A recent pilot program, conducted in partnership with digital OOH advertising company SPH MediaBoxOffice, saw customers at one branch of bubble tea brand Gong Cha participating in a “Guess the Drawing and Win!” game, using their smartphones to scan a QR code provided on a screen in the mall’s foyer. Those who answered correctly were sent a promotional offer via their phones, redeemable immediately.

Custom analytics also enables brands to tailor future marketing promotions to suit customer preferences. Brands can track redemption rates and promotion-linked in-store sales.

“The software is entirely web-based and runs on any electronic screen with (an) Internet connection,” says Bhagaban Behera, co-founder and CEO of NoiseStreet. “This technology turns a screen from a one-way medium into a two-way interactive platform.”



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