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[Infographic] Why You Should Protect Your Online Reputation

Think you can do as you will online without any thought about consequences? Well, think again.

You may not realize that there’s a 90-percent chance that recruiters would have Googled your name to check out what kind of shenanigans you’ve been up to, and if they see something they don’t like you’re unlikely to get that phone call you may desperately be waiting for.

Worse yet, professional credibility aside, did you know that there’s a half chance – 50-percent – that a potential date’s going to Google you and check you out before they go on a date?

Here’s an infographic that shows you why you should look to protect your online reputation:


Daniel Goh is the founder and chief editor of Young | Upstarts, as well as an F&B entrepreneur. Daniel has a background in public relations, and is interested in issues in entrepreneurship, small business, marketing, public relations and the online space. He can be reached at daniel [at] youngupstarts [dot] com.

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