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Top 5 Happiness Tips For Business And Sales Professionals


by J.B. Brocato, CEO of Intense Coaching and Consulting Worldwide and author of “A Service Provider’s Guide to Starting a Unique Business Networking Group

These keys, while applicable to everyone in creating a life of long-term happiness, are particularly relevant to the sales professional.  They provide fertile ground on which to not only increase one’s happiness, but to maximize the efficacy of one’s sales efforts.

1. Performing random acts of kindness each day.

While any act of kindness to another person will suffice (e.g., offering to assist someone in need, providing directions to a stranger, or helping a co-worker), business professionals might send along a gift to a prospect, invite a prospect to a fun event, or refer business to a prospect.

2. Expressing gratitude.

Write in a “gratitude journal” five things you are grateful for once a week.  Or, write and send a gratitude letter to someone in your life.  A business professional might consider writing down all of his or her existing customers or writing a letter to an existing customer thanking that person for his or her business.

3. Empathizing with Others.

When we empathize with others, we put ourselves in their shoes.  We try to see things from their point of view.  We try to feel the way they feel.  By so empathizing with other people, we are better able to develop friendships with them, communicate with them, and understand them.  In other words, we are able to build and sustain better relationships with others.  Better relationships with others make us happier.  Empathy is critical for sales professionals.  If a sales professional cannot put himself in the shoes of a prospect (i.e., understanding the prospect’s needs, concerns, goals), then the likelihood of effecting a sale is vastly reduced.  An emotional and/or other disconnect between buyer and seller is likely to arise, defeating the goal of either party.

4. Taking Risks.

Routines deaden us.  While comforting and safe, our routines have a way of slowly reducing our zest for life and our ambition.  But we must take risks in life.  If the risk is a calculated one, then whether we succeed or not, there will be a level of satisfaction that is priceless. Sales professionals must be willing to take risks, including reaching for larger markets, trying a new sales pitch, or learning a new niche in one’s industry to increase the chance of securing new business.

5. Leading.

We need to be leaders in this world.  We need to have a vision for ourselves in life and inspire others around us.  Leaders are brave.  They go first.  They are necessary to move things forward.  They organize things.  They give people comfort that things are being handled properly.  They make sure there is a plan.  People like to know there is a plan.  It gives them confidence that things will be okay.

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J.B. Brocato is the Intense Coaching and Consulting Worldwide, a life coaching and business development consulting firm which harnesses the best in people. He is also a partner with a prominent law firm, and writes a popular blog on business development, CruxRainmaking.com, where he explores the relationship between happiness and sales. Brocato is the author of the book, “A Service Provider’s Guide to Starting a Unique Business Networking Group“.




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