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TheSwizzle.com Helps Separate Subscribed Commercial Spam From Unwanted Ones


It’s probably safe to say we’re never going to be able to rid ourselves of unwanted spam email. It probably doesn’t help that the quantity of daily emails each of us will receive expected to grow 63% in 2013 from five years ago, not least from the number of social media notifications, as well as e-commerce store communications and offers from daily deal sites that we brainlessly sign up for.If you find that your email inbox is already so overrun, you may want to check TheSwizzle.com out.

TheSwizzle.com is a free email organizer that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted emails and better manage the ones you do actually want. Its “Swizzle Sweeper” feature lets you easily unsubscribe from emails in seconds, but the more interesting feature is the ability to aggregate subscribed commercial email communications into a single daily digest to better reduce clutter. Of course, you’re also able to browse  the offers from TheSwizzle.com‘s showcase of over 1,000 brands – a sneaky if smart way to monetize their service – and add it to your daily digest.

“The initial response to our unsubscribe-only tool has been overwhelming,” says MaryAnn Bekkedahl, president and co-founder of TheSwizzle.com. “The enhancements we’ve made allow for not only cleaning out the old, but tidying up the current and adding some new.”

TheSwizzle.com is owned by Keep Holdings, whose CEO is Scott Kurnit founded About.com.



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