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Citrix Podio iPad App For Workplace And Workflow Collaboration

The mobile workforce is booming, and with it, the devices and applications designed to enable and power the way they work on the move. That’s the future of work.

And if your office embraces work-from-home (or on-the-move) or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) policies, there are plenty of mobile enterprise-level applications that offer the ability to maintain – or indeed, enhance – work productivity amongst teams.

One such product is Citrix Podio for the iPad, a collaborative work app which was recently reworked from scratch to deliver an efficient way to automate simple tasks and improve workflows.

Citrix Podio is focused around a suite of functions such as workspaces, tasks, activity streams, meetings and calendars, but it also allows you to tap on over 700 free apps – including third party support from enterprise software providers such as Freshbooks, Google Apps and GoToMeeting – on the PodioAppMarket.

And if those pre-built apps don’t suit you or your team, you can even build your own. The PodioApp Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create custom apps – whether it’s managing projects, interfacing with clients or partners, planning a conference, coordinating email marketing or receiving customer feedback – and you don’t even need a technical or programming background to make one.

Podio for iPad completes our vision of empowering people to work from anywhere, with anyone, on any device, using a tool that perfectly fits the way they want to work,” says Tommy Ahlers, VP of Social Collaboration, Citrix. “Bringing Podio’s all-in-one work platform to the iPad makes it easier and faster to collaborate while on the go with the convenience of a lightweight mobile tablet, but without sacrificing Podio’s functionality or sophistication.”

See this video of how Citrix Podio helps 12Stars Media in their work:


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