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Brother Mobile And Desktop Scanners For Quick Easy Scanning


The Brother ADS-2100 standalone high-speed desktop scanner goes through thick documents in seconds.

If you meet as many people on the job as I do, your office desk is likely to resemble mine – swamped with piles upon piles of business cards, as well as a variety of documents ranging from business proposals to unpaid bills. But a solution is at hand – Brother International has launched three new products that may just help you declutter that desktop.

The Japanese company’s ADS-2100 standalone desktop scanner, DS-600 and DS-700D compact mobile scanners are excellent scanners that lets you turn all those paper documents into a digitized format. The ADS-2100 is a dedicated duplex desktop scanner, and comes with a feeder that, among other uses, allows you to pop in a stack of business cards for automated scanning (it scans both sides in a single pass). Its bundled software automatically de-skews any misaligned scanning, and optical character reading (OCR) automatically sorts the information into appropriate fields e.g. name, company name, title, email, etc. For a machine with such a small footprint, scanning is zippy and can go through thick documents in seconds.

The Brother DS-700D is a compact mobile duplex scanner that can scan business cards, documents and even ID cards.

The DS-600, on the other hand, is an extremely compact mobile scanner that runs on USB power. All you need to do is plug it direct to your laptop and the small device will be able to scan any document, making it perfect for road warriors (real estate agents and insurance salesmen come to mind). The DS-700D is a duplex version of the DS-600.

“Our customers have expressed the need for better ways to organize their paperwork at home and on the road,” says Nigel Lee, country manager of Brother International Singapore. “Our desktop and mobile scanner offerings further amplify our document management solutions. We anticipate that the new innovations to be well received as we continue to meet the needs of both small and medium business (SMB) professionals and mainstream users.”

Brother International also recently introduced a new logo mark to reinforce its origins as a Japanese company founded in Nagoya in 1908. “We’re often mistaken as a US company,” says Lee. The company was founded by two brothers – hence the name – who sold and repaired sewing machines. Today the company has 17 production sites and 52 sales operations in 44 different countries.