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Everconnect.me Unifies Your Social Networking Profiles And Contacts


Feeling overburdened by trying to handle multiple social networking services at the same time? Confused and frustrated by the need to manage all your social contact lists? We empathize. And apparently so do the folks at EverConnect Corporation, who has launched their everconnect.me service to help manage such information overload.

everconnect.me (www.everconnect.me) is a social communications platform that is aimed at providing a simplified social media aggregation and management tool. The service currently allows integration with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, pulling real time news feed updates as well as cross compiles contact lists from those services. There’s even a unified inbox that puts together your Gmail e-mails, Twitter direct messages and Facebook messages in real time, and lets you browse through full message data with a unified search function. Neat.

“I came up with the basic idea 15 years ago,” says Yutaka Shinohara, founder and CEO of Japan-based EverConnect Corporation, which developed everconnect.me. “I wanted to create a tool that would easily manage contact lists and work as an extended intranet for sharing content, messaging and keeping in touch with old friends. In following years my contact list got larger and all new exciting social networks reshaped the way we communicate with each other. It was finally time to manage and organize our online communication, without limiting the amount of data and people we are interacting with.”

If you struggle with multiple browser tabs and various social networking applications, you may want to check everconnect.me out.


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