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[Infographic] Facts About The 21st Century Classroom


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If children are our future and education is an enabler, then the classroom is the incubator that plays a critical role in determining how the future is being nurtured.

And in this century, the use of technology is changing the face of education. But what’s the current state of the 21st century classroom? What kinds of technology are being employed by teachers to teach the young? Why use technology at all? A new infographic from Open Colleges answers all these, and more.

Just a few data points for your consideration:

  • 91% of teachers have computers in the classroom, yet only 20% think they have the right level of technology in the classroom,
  • More than half of all (U.S) colleges surveyed say their biggest priority is upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure,
  • College campuses saw a 60% increase in mobile devices in the previous year,
  • Gamification of the classroom – 43% of teachers surveyed have used online games in the classroom, and
  • 29% of teachers use online social networks, while 80% of college professors do so.

All these bode well for our future, but we need to remember that not all playing fields are level – when it comes to education, there are always those that are left behind. There are some things even technology cannot solve.



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