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[Singapore] Newstead Technologies Launches New Concept Store tech@vogue


The first tech@vogue store is located at nex Mall, #02-22/23, 23 Serangoon Central.

The explosive growth of mobile device adoption in Singapore in recent years not only has meant a windfall for certain manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, it’s also created an entire retail ecosystem dedicated to providing consumers means to customize and personalize their mobile phones and tablet devices. These days, every local mall seems to have at least one store selling mobile accessories of every kind – mobile charms, phone covers, and even high-end cans for the best auditory experience when paired with a mobile device. And consumers are buying.

To take advantage of that trend, IT retail chain Newstead Technologies is getting into the act with its latest retail concept, tech@vogue. Its nex Mall branch will be the first of a new chain of specialty stores focused exclusively on accessories and connectivity solutions for smartphones and tablet devices across various brands and operating systems, and will carry an extensive selection of premium accessories for consumers to make the best use of their mobile devices.

Different tech@vogue zones answer to different needs for customizing your mobile devices.

“With over 45 stores in Singapore, we hear the frustrations of our customers in their relentless search for the perfect accessories for their mobile devices,” says Evelyn Chua, chief marketing officer of Newstead Technologies, whose group also owns and runs the Apple-focused Nübox stores and the multi-brand Digital Style outlets across Singapore. “Often, style is compromised by the need for function and that is something which tech@vogue is set to change. With our fingers on the pulse in the market, we have accessories that consumers may not even know they need before visiting our store.”

To facilitate ease of browsing, tech@vogue is arranged into separate zones that shows consumers, step-by-step, the kinds of accessories and connectivity solutions they are likely to need. There are also ‘Experience Zones’ that allow shoppers to see, hear and feel various solutions before purchase. The nex Mall outlet boasts Singapore’s first ever demo corners for brands such as Belkin, InCase and Just Mobile

The Belkin ‘Experience Zone’, with the Belkin AC1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router, @TV and WeMo Home Control Switch (to be launched later this year).

“Customers in Singapore are increasingly looking for accessories and gadgets to suit their mobile and connected lifestyle. Not only do they want the best, they want to be able to know what exactly the product offerings are,” explains Phillip Trapaga, Belkin country manager for ASEAN. “The Experience Zone at tech@vogue provides the perfect opportunity to not only increase Belkin’s brand visibility, but to also provide our customers a first-hand experience on what our products can offer and what they are getting.”

The second tech@vogue store is slated to open at Marina Bay Link Mall in August 2012.

A Samsung Mobile corner that shows off the connectivity solutions between its mobile phones with other Samsung products.


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