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ResourceGuru.com Schedules Your Business Resources


Scheduling appointments is relatively simple for small business owners, but scheduling resources – i.e. making sure that there are enough manpower, equipment and budget for a certain project – can be a major headache. Resource Guru (http://resourceguruapp.com) is here to help – the cloud-based app aims to help companies be more efficient by allowing them to schedule people, equipment and resources online.

Features include the ability to schedule your manpower via an admin dashboard so each worker knows what projects they’re assigned to any any given time – there’s even a visibility calendar so everyone knows what everyone else is working on (pictured below) – and the app also renders well on mobile devices so you can easily manage teams through your iPad. Pricing plans start from US$19 a month.

“We initially targeted Resource Guru at digital and creative agencies, but once we had a pre-launch site in place, we began to realize that the market was far broader,” explains Percy Stilwell, co-founder of Resource Guru. “As the global recession continues, we also believe that demand for productivity apps like this will only increase.”

To date Resource Guru customers include a small nanny agency, a pharmaceutical giant researching stem cells, a company disposing of spent nuclear fuel rods, a global asset management company as well as the creative agencies they were initially targeting expected.


  1. Hey Daniel, here’s another tip- Try Google Calendar + ClipPod. We’ve using it for our own resource scheduling and basic project planning and it has worked out quite well so far.

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