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[Infographic] How Big Is The SEO Industry On The Internet?


The SEO (search engine optimization) industry is huge – but how big is it, really?

According to statistics, there are 863 million websites on the Internet that mentions “SEO”, with 105 people looking up the term “SEO” on Google every second. That’s crazy. But then again, maybe not. After all, we know search engine algorithms – such as Google’s Panda – often mean that small businesses need to be incorporate SEO as part of their digital marketing and be creative in order to rank well in searches, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the world is fighting for online attention and constantly looking at improving the visibility of their websites in search engine results.

Here’s an infographic from digital marketing agency BlueCaribu that looks at some statistics surrounding the global SEO industry:

[An infographic by the team at BlueCaribu]