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Click.to – Clicking Your Way Around Your Desktop And The Internet


Earlier we featured Markerly, an online highlighting tool that lets us select and socially bookmarking a particular chunk of text, and immediately sharing it across your social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a similar productivity tool you may find useful: Click.to (www.clicktoapp.com) by Karlsruhe, Germany-based Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a free desktop tool for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you to shorten click paths.

Let me explain. Right now, it can take you many mouse clicks to get an element (text, URL or image) from, say, a desktop application to an online service or website. For example, to get an address found in a PDF displayed as a search result in Google Maps, the browser must be opened, the web page typed in and loaded and the address has to be entered manually. Or if you need to upload an image you find on the Internet to Facebook, you’d need to save that image, open up your Facebook application, and then upload the image.

Click.to literally shortens those processes by, yes, cutting down the number of clicks needed to those tasks done. The way it does this: all you need to do is to select some text or an image, hit your copy keyboard shortcut (CTRL+C for Windows, or Apple+C for Mac) and a satellite tray of app icons will appear. Selecting an icon opens that application and automatically fills out that selected text (or inputs an image) for you. For example, selecting a picture, hitting Ctrl+C and then choosing the Facebook icon automatically posts that picture on your Facebook timeline. Selecting a chunk of text, and opting Twitter icon from the Click.to app tray, will send that text to Twitter.

Useful? We think so. Click.to should improve desktop productivity by quite a bit.

Founded by Martin Welker and Peter Oehler, Click.to is currently self-financed. Similar functionality for smartphones and tablet devices are on the company’s roadmap.