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8 Ways To Become A Better Co-worker


You might be the most diligent and hardest working person in the office, but if your co-workers don’t know you or don’t really like you, then you’re going to have problems down the road. One tactless comment or annoying habit can ruin your work relationships and lessen your chances of moving up in a company. Even if you’re already a kind, respectful co-worker, there’s always room to grow and improve.

Here are eight ways to become a better, more well-rounded co-worker:

  1. Be cheerful and positive.

    If you want to be a better co-worker, start with being more cheerful and positive during the day. Don’t be like most of your colleagues and walk straight to your desk, head down, not saying a word. Why not be the one to boost the office morale with your kindness and positive attitude? It’s amazing what a smile and a cheery “hello” can do to a quiet office. Try it and you’ll see how well people respond to your spunky, happy-go-lucky vibe.

  2. Stop gossiping.

    Gossip doesn’t belong in the workplace. Period. Nothing good will come of talking about someone else’s private affairs, and if word gets back to your boss or HR that you were engaging in gossip, then you could end up in a real mess. Respect your co-workers and don’t talk behind their backs. It’s an easy fix that will make you a better and more trustworthy co-worker.

  3. Be a good listener and think before you speak.

    It might seem like a no-brainer to listen when spoken to, but it’s something we can all work on. When a co-worker approaches your desk, don’t just look at your computer while they speak, stop what you’re doing, make good eye contact, and listen closely. In addition, when a co-worker says something you don’t agree with, don’t just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Your comment could be just as offensive as the first and that won’t make you look any better. Think before you speak and you’ll be A-OK with your co-workers.

  4. Be polite.

    Politeness may not come naturally for you, especially at 8 a.m., but that’s no reason not to work on it. From holding the door for a co-worker to saying a simple “please” and “thank you,” politeness goes a long way. It may not earn you a salary raise or promotion, but people will notice and appreciate your good manners and that can make you more likeable overall.

  5. Respect everyone’s privacy.

    One thing that drives co-workers crazy is when someone butts into a conversation and pries for personal information. Nosiness can be a hard personality trait to break, but avoiding the issue will only make your likeability worse. If you want to become a better co-worker, respect your colleagues’ privacy and don’t pry for information if they don’t want to tell you. This one ties back to being polite and knowing good manners, especially during conversations.

  6. Be open-minded.

    Being open-minded to others’ views can be a struggle for many people, but it’s something that, when improved, can make a huge difference in your job. Whether it’s your co-workers’ ideas for a project or their religion, you should strive to be as objective and open-minded as possible. You’ll be a better team player for it and everyone can respect that.

  7. Don’t abuse privileges.

    If you’re lucky enough to work at a place that allows hour-long lunches, free gym memberships, or work-from-home days, make sure you’re not abusing these awesome privileges. Out of respect for your company and co-workers, keep your privilege use to a minimum and keep it under the radar. Don’t take long, unnecessary breaks or flaunt when you get to come late or leave early. Stay on par with your co-workers and use your privileges sparingly, and people will respect you and your professionalism.

  8. Stop complaining.

    Nobody likes a non-stop complainer. We all have ailments, relationship problems, and life crises, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk about it at work. That’s what shrinks are for. You may have a legitimate complaint that merits venting, but don’t forget that you have to work at work and a 30-minute bitchfest is a waste of valuable time. Be a better co-worker by saving your gripes for lunchtime or after work and try to get back to your positive self as quickly as possible.


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