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[Singapore][Event] ad:tech Singapore 2012 Shows Digital Future For Asia


Leading digital marketers from around the Asia Pacific and beyond gathered yesterday at ad:tech Singapore 2012 to share and discuss the continuing growth of the role of technology and digital media in marketing and advertising.

With the theme of “Driving Asia’s Digital Development”, ad:tech Singapore 2012 featured a conference that discussed issues such as “Digital Trends, Tools and Technologies”, “Digital Adoption and Execution Trends of Emerging and Developed Markets” etc.

Here’s a recap on the keynote, as well as some of the presentation and panel sessions:

Trends, Fads & Transformation: The Impact of the Internet

Dr Jeffrey Cole, Director, Center for the Digital Future, USC Annenberg School drew on 10 years of data and insights from a worldwide study in 30 countries, and described how the Internet and mobile technology are changing the fabric of our daily lives. He also examined the trends and developments that are likely to occur in the next 2-3 years.

Some interesting insights:

·         Only 14-20% of a brand’s Facebook fans are true evangelists, there’s a need to focus on them;

·         TV is our constant companion. The only way it will grow is to leave the home, hence mobile video; and

·         The iPad will replace the PC for over 90% of the population.

Powering Social Connection to Grow Your Business

Michael Lazerow, CEO and founder of Buddy Media, spoke about how companies can power social connection to drive a brand’s business and use of power of social media to create shareholder value in a world where the difference between a good and great company is how much customers are willing to be brand advocates. He points out:

·         Burberry’s stock price has risen 400% since they got their social media act together;

·         Content powers connections. Get the content right, and use the content to build the people network, and use that network to amplify content; and

·         There really isn’t a “B2B” company. People are the ones making purchasing decisions, not companies.

State of the Internet & Lessons Learnt in the Digital Measurement Trenches of Online Advertising in Southeast Asia

Chief Operating Officer of digital marketing intelligence company comScore Greg Dale provided an overview of the current digital landscape of Southeast Asia, highlighting key issues such as the use of mobile devices, social media and video and how these are driving future drives.

He highlights that:

·         In 1996, 2/3 of world’s internet population was in the US. Today, Asia Pacific is the largest with over 40%;

·         iOS accounts for 91% of total tablet page views in Singapore.Southeast Asia and Latin America account for the majority of the fastest growing Internet markets; and

·         India and Thailand are home to the youngest Internet populations in the world with 3 in 4 visitors under age 35.

Revolutionizing Communication With Digital Consumers Through Social

This panel discussed the impact the rise of social media has on the way consumers are behaving today and how these behavioral changes should be reflected in a brand’s social media business strategy to ensure consumers are connecting, discussing and engaging with the brand.

·         Pinterest has 3.6% referral traffic compared to YouTube & 59% sales conversion rate compared to Facebook;

·         Social for B2B: LinkedIn drove 1.8 billion sales leads globally in 2011; and

·         To make an impact, businesses need to listen to conversations in which their brands might not necessarily be discussed and find opportunities.

Growing the Philippines’ Digital Marketing Business (With A Snapshot on Indonesia)

The Philippines is the world’s social capital where more than 90% of internet users are on a social networking site while Indonesia’s low internet penetration of 21% already represents 53 million Indonesian internet users and that number is growing. Speakers shared how businesses should look at digital marketing in a social environment.

·         Emerging markets like the Philippines and Indonesia are driving digital growth in ASEAN;

·         Social in the Philippines: Engagement trumps all; brands need to remember that they are talking to people; tell stories; and

·         For Telkomsel in Indonesia, 80% of business comes from family and friends’ recommendations, and only 8% from TV.

Regional Insights into Markets of Vietnam and Thailand

The discussion focused on the digital trends prevalent in emerging markets of Thailand and Vietnam and predictions for the future:

·         Vietnam has the 2nd highest broadband penetration in the ASEAN region after Singapore;

·         YouTube is Number 1 in Thailand and Vietnam. Local video websites fall far behind YouTube; and

·         Like China, blogs, BBS and forums are poised to proliferate in Vietnam.

SuperPower: Behaviour and How Brands Leverage This to Build Success

Neil Hudspeth, chief digital officer for Leo BUrnett in Asia Pacific, described the Internet as a “superpower” that has created a transformative and disruptive era for mankind. Hudspeth discusses how the World Wide Web has changed inherent human behaviors and how brand marketers will need to evolve and often revolutionize their strategies for brand engagement.

·         Half of Southeast Asian mobile Internet users don’t use a PC to get online;

·         67% of the world’s mobile TV subscribers will come from the Asia Pacific by 2013; and

·         Marketers need to change from an opt-in activity to an “always on” condition of life, shift of focus from campaigns to ecosystems.


The sessions continue today. There is also an accompanying exhibition showcasing some of the new and emerging digital technologies targeted for use in digital marketing.

Find out more here.

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