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As service providers may know, creating and managing sales proposals to be sent to clients can be a very painful task. Coming up with an interesting idea to help nail a prospective deal is usually not the biggest challenge; the problem is trying to develop beautiful, purpose-driven sales quotes, proposals and bids to be sent to clients. Here’s an online service that can simplify all that – Quote Roller.

Quote Roller (www.quoteroller.com), created in 2011 by Mikita Mikado, Serge Barysiuk and Gabriel Cuevas, is aimed at helping companies reduce that bottleneck when trying to develop quotations and proposals in the process of prospecting clients. If you’ve ever had to put an emergency proposal for a demanding client within a few hours, you definitely know the pain. “Through various A/B tests, we identified companies of all sizes – even brand names – are continuously searching for ‘professional proposal templates’ or ‘sending proposals in less time’ and other similar queries,” explained Quote Roller vice president of business development Gabriel Cuevas. “In addition to this, many freelancers, individuals and home-based businesses are sprouting like crazy and they want to be competitive by looking professional with our system.”

Sure, Cuevas admits that there are a number of other similar applications out in the market, but insists that Quote Roller‘s unique selling proposition is the ability to handle both ends of the user spectrum, ranging from the small freelancer to large corporations. “Comparing it to Bidsketch, Proposable (we covered them here) and Tinderbox, many users are switching because we are the only company that is continually enhancing and adding product features,” says Cuevas. He adds that Quote Roller have almost 20 integrations with major CRM and PM tools such as Basecamp, Highrise, Nutshell, Capsule, Wrike, RightSignature, GoogleApps, Xero, Freshbooks, Harvest, outnumbering those offered by its competitors.

User growth has been very encouraging, according to Cuevas, at around 100-percent every month since its launch late last year without any advertising, relying mainly on SEO expertise and “business experience”. “We leveraged our platform by offering ‘free proposal templates’ and ‘sample proposals for…’ and this drove traffic to our site,” Cuevas explains. “In addition, we offer a free trial where they can send proposals and close deals to grow before they buy”

“We are leading the world of SMB’s who favor the SaaS market by giving them a universal tool that all of their employees can use.”

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