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RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger To Connect With Other BB Apps


BlackBerry fans – and especially those of you who are BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) addicts – rejoice: Research In Motion (RIM) has announced that Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones, Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry® Travel™ and BlackBerry App World™ will now include BBM connectivity, making it even easier for you to stay in touch with your contacts, share experiences and content, and discover new things from your existing online social networks.

“Since we provided developers the means to build BBM connectivity into their apps, we have seen more than 800 hundred new BBM-connected apps come to market, which has been followed by a huge uptake by users – about one of every five apps being downloaded on BlackBerry App World is a BBM-connected app,” says Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at RIM.  “Today we’re excited to announce that RIM has also integrated BBM connectivity into a number of our own popular apps and the BBM-connected revolution continues to grow.”

Here are the confirmed BlackBerry Connect updates:

Facebook and Twitter Apps Integrated with BBM.

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0) and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0) now allows you to automatically share your Facebook status or latest tweet with your BBM friends right from within the app.

BlackBerry Travel Goes Social.

It is now easier than ever to update those who matter most about your travel plans. The new BlackBerry Travel app (version 2.5) is now BBM-connected, allowing you to share your travel plans and flight changes directly with select BBM contacts or with your entire BBM community.

App Sharing Made Simpler.

With BBM (version 6.2) and BlackBerry App World (version 3.1.2), you can easily update their BBM profile to let their friends know about the great new app you’ve just downloaded on BlackBerry App World. With this updated version of BlackBerry App World, you can also instantly share info about your favorite app or a list of your installed apps with friends using BlackBerry® Tag*.

BBM Made Better.

In addition to integration with BlackBerry App World, BBM (version 6.2) offers a polished, enhanced and more personal experience. It includes a new selection of animated avatars, a simpler way of updating your personal message in their profile, and now allows users to quickly send voice notes.

Availability – Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.0 is available now and Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.0,  BlackBerry Travel version 2.5, BlackBerry App World version 3.1.2 and BBM version 6.2 are scheduled to be available for download over the next ten days on BlackBerry App World (www.blackberry.com/appworld)**.  Stay tuned to BlackBerry social channels to confirm when each app becomes available.

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