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[Infographic] Wasting Time And Money

If as the adage goes that time is money, then wasting time is wasting money. And since wasting money is known as A BAD THING, then we should all be wary of wasting time.

According to a survey by America Online and, US workers waste over two hours of each 8-hour work day – and that doesn’t even include scheduled lunch or break times. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the public sector is one of the biggest time wasters. Surfing the net wastes the most time, while socializing with co-workers (in some workplaces we call that gossiping) ranks almost as highly.

Here’s an infographic that shows how workers at work waste time (note: you’re a manager, this may drive your blood pressure sky-high).

Wasting Time & Money

This infographic was first posted on Online Courses Resource.


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