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Boomerang Your Email


Your email box is an unmanageable mess. There are those ever-present work emails that never seem to get cleared, and no matter how much time you spend flagging important emails to follow up on later they just get further buried in a never-ending avalanche of newer emails.

But a startup email technology company, Baydin, intends to change the way you prioritize emails. Its solution? Boomerang, an email plugin for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail (on Firefox and Chrome) that allows you to reschedule your emails. It’s a great tool scheduling reminder and workflow management tool, resending you important emails at a time of your choice, when you’re better prepared to reply and work on them. Other features include reminders as well as response tracking (for when you need to follow up on replies after sending a message).

“Social networks and text messages are displacing personal email, and will continue to do so, especially among students,” admits Alex Moore, CEO of Baydin, but he adds that for business, email is more important than ever. “Facebook messages, tweets, and text messages are not conducive to high-information-density communication, so email is and will remain the way we communicate in business,” Moore explains. Interestingly, the company received their seed round of funding after Moore picked up investor Dave McClure up to take him to his mechanic.

If you’re swamped by email, check Boomerang out. Your productivity may improve by leaps and bounds.



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