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[Malaysia] [Event] Hackweekend 3: Make Apps, Not War.


From March 31st to April 1st, 2012, Kuala Lumpur’s National Science Centre will be hosting Hackweekend, a 24-hour challenge where the best of Malaysia’s technology community gather to build cool applications overnight. The theme for the upcoming Hackweekend, the third to date, will  based on the theme Make Apps Not War, where participants are encouraged to build applications and software that revolve around the theme of love.

“It’s all about how people connect in this day and age. Mobile phones give us fantastic new ways to be constantly informed on what our networks are up to, but inversely new barriers are formed that distract people from spending time together. This Hackweekend I hope to see ways of connecting people meaningfully,” says Hakim Albasrawy, director at Tandemic, one of the event organizers. The first Hackweekend, themed around Gamification, saw the creation of some 13 projects, of which one, WorkPad, even receiving a RM1 million investment.

Hackweekends are collaborative initiatives organized by a group of passionate individuals from the local technology community.

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