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Auctionopia.com – Online Auction Marketplace With IM Chat


I’m sure most of us have used online marketplaces to buy or sell items, whether it’s via auction like eBay or listings on Craigslist. And we probably can agree either type has its pros and cons. Here’s a new online auction marketplace that hopes to change how we use such sites – Auctionopia (www.auctionopia.com) not only is free to use, but also incorporates real-time communication between buyers and sellers through the use of IM integration. Yes, now you can say goodbye to insincere sellers or buyers.

Buying and selling on Auctionopia is entirely free, so aside from the usual shipping and handling costs there are no listing fees or final sale charges. More interestingly, the site features two types of auctions: you can stick to the “traditional” version – much like what you currently experience on eBay, but the “instant message” auction allows buyers to communicate directly with sellers over a live messaging platform. This means you can actually negotiate on price (or other details) in real-time, eliminating long turnaround times.

“Auction sites are a great resource for those looking to buy or sell particular items, however we continuously noticed two recurring issues with each platform – hidden costs and inefficient communication,” states Tom Popomaronis, CEO of Auctionopia.  “The foundation of our service is to offer a free marketplace, while giving users the tools to communicate and negotiate in real-time.”

“Our platform will also serve as an additional distribution channel for online businesses,” adds Popomaronis.