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[Infographic] The Future Social CEO


The world is going social, and even CEO of companies are becoming more and more involved in social media.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an infographic from CEO.com that shows as company CEOs get younger and younger, many of them are looking towards social media to help in their business. Here are some statistics:

– 81-percent of CEOs who use social media marketing agree that it has helped generate exposure for their business.

– 65-percent of CEOs under the age of 40 use and maintain work-related blog, compared to just 20-percent of CEOs aged 50 and above.

– Twitter usage? 74-percent for those under 40, versus 17-percent.

If you’re a C-suite and are looking to implement social media into your daily routine, the infographic also provides you some tips on how you can use various social sites to their full potential: