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[Infographic] [U.S.] Small Business Owners And Attitudes Towards The Economy

The economy is the pits, and small business owners are feeling the strain. But how bad is it, really? A recent survey by web design and hosting provider Webs of 1,710 U.S.-based small business owners reveals that small businesses have been taking the downturn a lot harder than most.

Amongst some of the findings:

– 38-percent of small business owners started their businesses because they were laid-off or unable to find full-time employment,

– One out of two small business owners have to supplement their income through part-time or full-time employment elsewhere, in addition to their own business,

– Almost 40% of them have delayed further investment in their business due to the uncertain economic outlook.

But the good news:

– 67-percent think they will due better next year than this year,

– Only 20-percent had to lay off workers so far.

Here’s the full infographic of the findings, as designed by Column Five Media:


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