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ProductionHUB Helps You Search For Media Production Professionals


If you’re a small business or entrepreneur that needs some quality, professional media production work but have no idea where to look for a reliable provider, ProductionHUB (www.productionhub.com) is probably your answer (or at least, it will give you your answer).

Florida-based ProductionHUB is a search engine for media and entertainment serving film, television, video, live event and digital media production. Its free-to-use Request Engine helps connects businesses and corporations to the people, services or equipment needed to finish the job, whether it is to produce a traditional corporate video, viral webisode, commercial, or cover a live event.

“Searching through pages of crew and production services on another site used to be incredibly time consuming. Now that I know about ProductionHUB’s Request Engine, I let them do the searching for me,” says MaryElla Collins, office manager at Odyssey Creative, which does media production work for companies like AT&T, MTV and Fidelity Financial. “They have helped me connect with and hire great videographers for the last three years. Just this past week, we used ProductionHUB to find gear and crew in Athens, Greece!”

Developed in 1998, this vertical B2B and entertainment industry portal has grown to become the world’s largest and most active production community search site and as well as a fast growing freelance network of film, television, video, digital media and live event professionals. The site sees over 3.5 million user sessions annually.