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Angel’s Gate Opens For Aspiring Entrepreneurs With New Business Ideas


If you’ve enjoyed reality TV programs such as The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, you may find the new and upcoming Asia-based Angel’s Gate somewhat familiar. Using roughly a similar format, Angel’s Gate will put a crop of budding entrepreneurs in the spotlight, allowing them not only exposure but also a chance to pitch their dream business ideas to a global audience as well as some of Asia’s biggest investors and venture capitalists.

Angel’s Gate is also Asia’s first business-focused reality programs that leverages multiple media platforms – aside from eight TV episodes, the format will also leverage mobile and web platforms. Produced by digital media company and new business accelerator, Interactive SG, the show is looking for enterprising individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs who believe they have the next big business idea.

Angel’s Gate aims to help entrepreneurs find co-founders and mentors, as well as project backers through our crowd funding platform. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs lower their over-all time to market by providing them with the impetus to succeed,” says Ash Singh, founder and CEO of Interactive SG.

Angel’s Gate will be delivered to audiences globally and targets a combined viewership of 100 million. According to Singh, the 360-degree approach helps to leverage more support – including social media- for the contestants.

“Entrepreneurs involved in Angel’s Gate will receive more exposure than they could by any other means, empowering them through the use of technology and the media,” he explains.


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