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Scavado – No More Stringing Recruitment Candidates Along


Even though online professional networking sites and services like LinkedIn and BranchOut have changed the face of human resource recruitment, there’s still room for continued disruption. In fact, a new web-based talent sourcing solution aims to make Boolean search string training for recruiters – which they traditionally rely on – obsolete: Scavado, a simple, yet powerful, alternative to costly Boolean search training that quickly yields relevant prospects to recruit.

“Today, the Internet offers an abundance of information to use when sourcing job candidates, but as a recruiter I was spending more hours writing search strings than talking to prospects. I knew there must be a more efficient way to search,” says Lori Fenstermaker, Scavado’s founder and CEO, who is also a recruitment expert.

Daniel Estrada, CTO, and Lori Fenstermaker, Founder/CEO of Scavado.

Scavado identifies the most qualified leads — including both active unemployed and passive job prospects — by automating the search string process and giving recruiters a leg-up on their competition.”

Previously known as AutoSearch, Scavado is Scavado is offered as a stand-alone solution or in combination with Sourcer-in-a-Box, which helps companies evolve their recruiting processes to a more proactive strategy.







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