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The Benefits Of Renting Desk And Office Space


by Rob Clymo, www.officegenie.co.uk

If you’re starting out in business, or are a freelancer working for yourself, then working from home is often seen as one of the best ways of keeping overheads to a minimum. After all, working out of a spare bedroom or study can mean there’s little to pay out and it’s also convenient too. The downsides are that it can be quite a solitary existence and you don’t get the same networking breaks that come with working in an office.

Take another look

The trouble is that many small businesses and freelancers need to keep an eye on costs, but now though there is another way to break out into the world of your own office. If you’re getting tired of being stuck at home, and regret not being able to network and drum up new business as much as you might, then it’s a great time to take advantage of the many deals and offers on renting desk and office space.

Thanks to the current economic climate, many landlords who own offices are keen to maximize their dead space and so, as a result, there are now a wealth of desk and office areas in central locations that are cheap and easy to rent. For the
ultimate in cost saving activities then consider going for a desk rental, as this will be cheap and contracts are generally on a short-term rolling basis.

The deal will be short on frills – you’ll get a desk and probably broadband internet connectivity, but that’s about it. However, that is also the beauty of it, and although you’ll need to turn up with your own laptop and coffee mug, there’s no cleaning to do at the end of the day as that’ll all be taken care of by the landlord. It’s certainly a quick fix if you want to get out there into the wide world of business.

Move on up

If you’ve got designs on expanding your business then it may be a better idea to look at office space rentals instead. You’ll get more space obviously, but the rental terms are often as simplistic and on a rolling basis as the desk rental
counterpart. If you’re going to be adding employees then a serviced office might be another option worth looking at, as this will often add plush surroundings, receptionists, post and IT services.

Of course, in order to enjoy a desk or office space rental you first need to find it, but that’s where things have got even easier thanks to the power of the internet. There are comparison websites that allow you to preview all available property
online, and work out what it will cost, facilities and all the rest of it. What’s more, because of the current climate, prices are also increasingly competitive.

So, spend some time doing your research on the web and you may well find that not only is it easy to expand, but it’s also surprisingly cheap too. Once you’ve found a deal, the minimal paperwork that’s involved means that you too could be up and running in your own office, sooner rather than later.


Rob Clymo writes for www.officegenie.co.uk, the UK’s online marketplace for finding spare desk space.


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